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Search results: Had anyone done something similar to Live Stream Design before?

On November 17, 2017, a comprehensive search was conducted on six major websites, to try to find out if anyone had done anything similar to Live Stream Design on the Internet.

It was assumed that someone must have done something similar. The idea was to see if others had been doing something similar, and how they had done this, how successful they were likely, and so forth?

The results were:

Instances of what he defined as Live Stream Design, i.e. designing new products in a live streaming video, where an audience can watch in real time, comment and suggest, and then the product being made available immediately (or very soon) after, were not found.

It seemed that Live Stream Design was actually something brand new.

The search for this started with a short searchon Google. The first few searches gave no such results.

A comprehensive search was then conducted, and recorded a screencast video of each search. There was a list of around 20 search term combinations, searching for words like design, designing, live, live stream, live video or live streaming in the title, and some niche specific words. Several search result pages were scanned for each search term. The searches took place on the following websites, and the duration of each search session:

Google (50 minutes)

Facebook (51 minutes)

Youtube (36 minutes)

Vimeo (43 minutes)

Instagram (10 minutes)

Periscope (11 minutes)

The total search time was 3 hours and 21 minutes. It was on November 17, 2017. The screen cast videos were then uploaded on Youtube on November 28, and can be viewed from the video page.

The results were, that instances of what he defined as Live Stream Design, i.e. designing new products in a live streaming video, were not found. At least no one had done a video using the words above, in English, to describe it.

A few recordings of live videos were found, where graphics designers were creating new designs in Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, for instance events held by Adobe itself, or some independent designers. But those were hosted to show or teach how to use the programs. Not to create products meant for sale. There were also some videos of fashion designers working, but those were edited recordings, and not live broadcasts. There are also a few videos teaching how to use design software for 3-D printing, but no live videos where actual products were being designed.

By comparing the process simple flowcharts of the previous and this new method, Sverrir saw that this could potentially be a new and interesting business model, with a wide range of implications. He thus decided to give this a name, create a simple logo, and create this website to introduce this new method.

Searching for Live Stream Design – excerpt video

The video below is a 3 minutes long excerpt, about the search and search results, from the main video on the “Information (Video)” page.

The Six Search Videos

The searches took place on November 17, 2017. The purpose was to try to find if anyone had been doing something similar to Live Stream Design on the web.

1: Searching on Google (50 minutes)

2: Searching on Facebook (51 minutes)

3: Searching on Youtube (36 minutes)

4:  Searching on Vimeo (43 minutes)

5: Searching on Instagram (10 minutes)

6:  Searching on Periscope (11 minutes)

You can click on each link to see that video on Youtube. In all, the total length of the videos was 3 hours and 21 minutes, so the whole process with preparations, saving screen videos and rendering them in between took almost a full day. The videos were uploaded to Youtube on November 28, 2017. They are unlisted on Youtube, meaning that they cannot be found in the site search on Youtube itself. They are not exactly entertaining to watch, but are simply posted here as resources.