First Live Stream Session from December 30, 2017

The first Live Stream Design session was broadcast in a live video on Facebook, on the evening of December 30, 2017.

The time was between 9:45 approximately to 11:30 AM on the east coast of North-America, and 6:45 and 8:30 on the west coast.

The broadcast was divided into three parts:

First, there was a 15 minutes long lecture, where Sven Sigurdarson og Look: Viking! (and founder and innovator of the Live Stream Design method) explained the art of the Vikings of the Viking age (790 AD to around 1070 AD), and how their art mostly only featured animal motifs, and not pictures of flowers and trees, landscapes, buildings or people.

Two: Then there was an hour long session where Sven created a new colour version for the Broa 1 scarf of Look: Viking!

Three: In the end came around 15 minutes where Sven was saving the work, uploading it to the website of the company that would produce the scarves (one at a time for each buyer, and then drop-shipped to the buyer when the scarf is ready), and setting the text, prices, product images, and so forth. After that the scarf was available in the online shop of Look: Viking!, while the live stream session was finishing. Sven also showed the discount code for this first scarf and first Live Stream Design session. The discount code, FIRST, was time limited. In the beginning a 20% discount, and then sliding down to 5% where it will remain for quite some time.

Here the scarf is for sale on the Look: Viking! website.

The full Live Stream Design session can be seen here on Facebook.

On this website, you will see a 1 minute extract, a 7 minutes extract, and a 58 minutes edited version of part 2 and 3 of the full streaming session (that took 75 minutes just about).

This picture shows the inspiration behind the colors of the scarf, the scarf as it looked at the beginning of the show, the scarf as it was being worked on, and the finished scarf.